About Us

  • Our Reason for Being

    Every human being wants to be self-sufficient, relying solely upon his Creator and not be dependent on others.

    However, to a very large segment of the population of Pakistan, the idea of being self-sufficient seems like a faraway dream. Due to extreme financial hardship, coupled with multiple debts and an ever-deteriorating economy, many people who want to be self-reliant are never able to pull themselves out of the poverty quagmire. This is why we formed Ihsaas Trust.

    The word 'ihsaas' means to feel or be sensitive to what others are feeling; and this realization is precisely what brought together the founders of Ihsaas Trust. We not only want to feel what our fellow under-privileged brothers and sisters are feeling, we don't just want to give them financial aid, but we want to go one step further and financially empower them so that they can become self-sufficient and provide for themselves and their families.

    Ihsaas trust is a completely non-profit initiative.

  • What Services do we provide?

    We provide a number of shariah compliant financial services for empowering our brothers and sisters. These include:

    • Shariah-compliant micro-financing
    • Ijaarah
    • Murabahah
    • Musharakah
    • Zakaah collection and disbursement


  • Our Unique Mission

    We at Ihsaas Trust, while realizing that we have a duty to our fellow man, also realize that this is just a small part of our duty to the Almighty, to whom we are ultimately answerable. Thus, we also ensure that all of our services are in line with Allah's Law, i.e. the shari'ah of Islam. This makes our mission unique, as we realize that helping the creation must also be done in accordance with the laws of the Creator.

  • Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy at Ihsaas Trust is very simple:

    "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime"

    We want to make our brothers and sisters self-sufficient by investing in them and providing them financial relief. We do not want to make them dependent upon us by just giving them financial aid, but we wish to financially empower them.


Learn more about our services, make a donation, or contact us in order to find out more about Ihsaas Trust.