Our Services

The following is a summary of our financial relief services aimed at uplifting the community:


Shariah compliant micro-financing -


  • Murabaha (sale at a profit)

    The word 'murabaha'means sale for a profit. As part of our murabaha services, we will purchase a piece of property or equipment on behalf of the beneficiary and then sell the same to them in installments over an agreed upon period. The beneficiary will be able to use the property for income generation while paying off the installments. Ihsaas Trust will maintain ownership of the property until the payments have been completed, whereby the ownership will be transferred to the beneficiary's name.

  • Ijaarah (Rental services)

    The word 'ijaarah' literally means rent. As part of our ijaarah services, we will acquire a piece of property or equipment and then rent this out to the beneficiary so that they may utilize it for income generation. Our ijaarah services may also be modified to a lease-to-purchase contract, so that by the end of the contract the beneficiary will actually own the property.



  • Zakaah (zakaat) collection and disbursement

    We collect zakaah and utilize this for helping Muslims in debt pay off their loans.

  • Musharakah (Partnership)

    ‘Musharakah’ literally means partnership. In our musharakah program, we will enter into a business partnership with the beneficiary and agree to invest in a business venture where both parties will mutually share in any resulting profit or loss.


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